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  • Happy New Year everybody! We are now up and running on the new server. I expect a few hiccups, but please bear with me and we'll try to get everything up and running again.
  • You'll notice that Tattoo is now a part of the logo. Welcome Tattoo Sailors! I've also added the Tattoo 22 and 26 as options in the Modtracker system. Anybody have Tattoo mods yet to share?
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Latest Mods
Title Model Category Author Date Posted
Lifting galley counter MacGregor 26D Galley bobflshmn 2017-02-20
Access hatch under galley MacGregor 26M Galley tehtairing 2017-02-14
Advice on sailing to Bahamas from Florida MacGregor 26M Sailing Markoliver 2017-01-27
Foresails MacGregor 26M Sailing KiwiMac 2017-01-13
Instant Bowsprit! MacGregor 26M Rigging captainfatso 2016-12-30
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