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Rusted keel winch

A forum for discussing topics relating to older MacGregor/Venture sailboats.

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Rusted keel winch

Postby zmaxpilot » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:08 am

Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with a very badly rusted keel winch on a v24? :? This thing is so badly rusted that the teeth are quite literally disintegrating, It will not move at all. :| I have tried soaking the nut on the barrel bolt with PB Blaster several times with no success. :x I will try heating it to cherry red today but I think that it will be a futile exercise. I believe that the only hope is to cut the nut off and try to drive the bolt out of the winch barrel. I do not want to damage the 1/4" ss lift/lower cable as it appears to be in pretty good shape at this time. The problem is that the keel is resting on the trailer making trailer removal a bit of a sticky wicket. :? This is a 1970 model v-24 that has been sadly neglected for many years. :cry: I just finished gutting the cabin and the next step is to get her off the trailer, but that can not be accomplished untill I am able raise and secure the keel to take he pressure off of it. I am trying not to create any more problems/damage than exist already. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)
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Re: Rusted keel winch

Postby Bob McLellan » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:59 am

Both Harbor Freight and Northern Tool have BRAKE winches. The one for my keel came from Northern and for the mast raising system I got one from Harbor. The one from Northern is the same brand as the original in my boat. Do not get a regular trailer winch
Bob McLellan
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