Adding brakes to a brake-less trailer

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Re: Adding brakes to a brake-less trailer

Post by Catigale » Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:58 am

Mark wrote:My suggestion before considering spending any money anywhere is to hit up all of the local boat dealers and see if someone has a trailer that can be adapted to work. The bad news is that to get a really nice $1000 trailer you might have to drag it away with a rotting hulk of a boat on the top of it and figure out what to do with that. Especially if you live close to the Mississippi river. I'd call around and see if anything close is available. One thing you could do is look on craigslist for "boats by dealer" to get a list of dealers local to you. Then call them up and let them know what you are looking for. Personally, I would let them know that I'd be willing to take the trailer with ANY boat they wanted to get rid of on top of it. Where I live (in Illinois about 150 miles South of Iowa on the Mississippi River) the boatyards might be happy to sell you an extra trailer but they'd be overjoyed to be able to get rid of an unsellable white elephant of a boat.
If you live close to Dave/NC he will take your hulk, put four wheels on it, and sell it as an RV for $5000 - then go off and buy 4 more Ventures.

Love ya Dave!!

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