Axle Rust

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Axle Rust

Post by Geraghtyr » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:17 pm

Haven't had my 96' :macx: very long, so I'm learning the ropes.

Bought it as a fixer upper and knew there were plenty of issues.
I wanted to learn by repairing and I've been going to school a lot on this project!

Boat had sat a long time when I bought it. Bottom was kinda trashed, scrapes, some bubbles etc..
Got a total bottom refurb done, which took the marina about a month and a half.

Good News:
The 96':macx: bottom redone, Looking good!

Bad News:
Got in busy traffic towing it back from the marina, on a tight turn, I clipped a curb. Destroyed the tire and bent the rim.
Of course the tire flopping rubbed of some of my nice new paint job :?

But..had a brand new spare, only a 1/2 mile to go and was in a safe place to change the tire, all in all not to bad. :)

Tire swapped, got safely parked, then noticed the wheel was slightly tilted.
Looked at the axle and saw this:

I guess I didn't inspect the trailer close enough, it was rusted much more than I realized.
I had towed the boat about 400 miles from Lake Lanier, to Charlotte, to Myrtle Beach before the curb hit!

With the boat still on the trailer...Replaced the axle, upgraded the brake system.
I plan to buy new dual axle trailer before I start towing long range, Florida etc..

Moral to the story...Please check your axle better than I did!

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