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Looking for camping/sailing spot

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:00 pm
by rszobel
This spring I am going to do some basic sailing instruction for a group of Boy Scouts in preparation for a trip to a high adventure sailing destination in the Bahamas later this summer (in marsh harbor). I live in Northern Virginia and am looking for a place on the Potomac, Chesapeake, or other nearby location where we can set up camp for the weekend and drop boat in the water with a place to beach it nearby or next to camping site. Since I will have maybe 10 or more people and can’t take them all out at once, I figured we could camp and I could handle an hour or two per group through the weekend while providing time for rigging/derigging.

I looked at leesylvania state park but the camping is paddle in only.

Does anyone have suggestions ?

Re: Looking for camping/sailing spot

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:14 pm
by K9Kampers
I once was planning an excursion to the northern Chesapeake area, launching at Elk Neck State Park, Rouges Harbor. Just north of it is the ENSP Youth Group Camping Area. Look at it on Google Maps, it may suit your needs. I have not yet been to this area so I can't give a first-hand recommendation, but your query made me think of this.

Re: Looking for camping/sailing spot

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:20 pm
by K9Kampers
Another consideration might be Chickahominy Recreation Park off the James River near Williamsburg, VA. Camping an a ramp. They might have restrictions on boat size, but is worth looking at for your event.

Re: Looking for camping/sailing spot

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:47 pm
by Seapup
Quite a few come to mind, I look for campgrounds when planning sailing trips and try to stop and visit all the ones that are accessible from the water along the way.

I am thinking with scouts you are looking more at state park type vs resort?

Open bay sailing or protected water?

My first recommend for scouts would be Kerr Lake vs the bay, probably the Army corps campground at the dam. There are a half dozen corps campgrounds and two state parks on the lake. large, cheap, plenty of firewood to scavenge, multiple ramps, docks, and campsites you can beach at the site. The water is deep and clear by the dam.

Image ... rkId=73293

For the bay kiptopeake state park if you want open water. We have tent camped and anchored overnight there multiple times. You can beach the boat on the southside of the fishing pier. 1 group tent camp area, Large boat ramp, swim beach and some hiking trails. Lots of crabs to keep kids busy. ... nformation


First landing state park is beautiful, but busy. The campground is right on the chesapeake bay and wooded, the boat ramp is at the other end of the park about 5 miles away on Broad bay, a body of water about 1 mile by 3 miles, so protected but busy. There is also a public ramp at the bridge. On weekends its usual for 50-100 boats to beach in the sand at the park near 64th st boat ramp. We have probably anchored overnight there with the X at least 50 times.


We anchored overnight in the basin at Point Lookout State park at the mouth of the Potomac last summer. Multiple ramps in a protected cove. Lots of beach area on the river, the campground is about a mile from the ramp and shallow. I did not explore the park much, they didn't allow dogs and we got scolded.

For resort type campground greys point on the rapahannock river has a marina and nice little cove to anchor in. Cherrystone on the bay near Cape Charles has shallow docks and an anchorage right across the creek mouth and an anchorage and fancy marina in kings creek on the backside.

Another consideration might be Chickahominy Recreation Park off the James River near Williamsburg, VA
Its a neat little campground, we tent camped there. It does not seem to be very busy, but is small. There is one good site to beach a boat on the front side with some sand and solid ground. We had a jetski and tied it to the trees on the creek side.