Lower keys cape sable and south

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Lower keys cape sable and south

Post by Ixneigh » Sat May 04, 2019 7:25 am

Latest trip down through the Lower keys gulf side. Cape sable was exquisite. Great weather this time, plenty of sun. Hidden creeks accessible to Macs make this an all weather location. I did a lot of exploring here. Return to marathon. Trouble locating rec 90 on the gulf side. However, it is available on Ohio Key. The pump is for use by the trailer resort residents but they sold me some. If you go there, be nice, do not attempt to use the resort facilities and buy a tee shirt or something. Hopefully they will keep the pump open. Southward, big Spanish channel at the top of a lunar tide, shot the flats over to Content Keys, jewels of the gulf. As pretty as the Bahamas without the hassle. And without the conk. Not much fish either. Next stop Sawyer Key, slightly different here, no low tide beach but a much larger high tide beach. And a lot of rocks. The charted reef does exist. It’s a rocky ledge type reef with too many barracuda hanging around for me to check it out much with a snorkel mask. Next stop KY to reprovision. My plan is to anchor off the west side road, leave the dogs on the boat and get a cab to Publix. I will just wade ashore so I don’t have to leave the kayak on the shore. Boat has been performing well. New rudders: excellent. No slop due to bronze bushing and half inch bolt. No flex gives better down wind control. Running backs: imparitive for down wind and I expect I will use them on the return trip against the prevailing easterlies. The marquesas will be my southernmost stop this trip. Giant anchor: it’s actually less work than a smaller one with a lot of thinner hard to grip anchor line. Windlass working great. Not for everyone of course. New cockpit cushions: worth the money. One and a half boat bucks. Garmin chartplotter: critical. So much better then the Hook 3 unit I had last year that froze every few hours. DYI epoxy bottom paint: working about as good as regular midgrade paint. I’ve scrubbed it three times since November. Mostly slime, few barnacles. But I didn’t even scuff the finish when I launched. I have been lightly sanding it a bit at a time. My use of the boat has me thinking more about diesel power for maximum low speed economy. Heat and excess solar capacity has me thinking about ice maker. One of those portable ones.
Glad to see the site is back in working order.

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