Prop for a Yamaha F70 on a 26M?

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Re: Prop for a Yamaha F70 on a 26M?

Post by Jaske89 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:59 am

I just repowered to a 2019 Yamaha F70 on my 1997 26X after the Honda BF50 lost compression one its middle cylinder during a trip to lake Murrey South Carolina. I put on a Stainless Steel SOLAS Saturn3 14x11. I Found a pretty good deal on Amazon for $165.00. The F70 just hit 2 hours on my break in process (I can now take it up to 4000RPM Max for the next 2 hours, then i can WOT in short increments up to 10 hours.) at 4K RPM, I hit 13.2 MPH with about 1/2 ballast, 8 gal of fuel, a 1/2 case of beer and 2 people. Prop seems to work well. Once i get over 4 hours and can WOT I'll report speeds. for heavily loaded sailing trips, I suspect the 14x11 will be great. But for light trips up and down the intercostal, i would like to pick up a 14x13 and try it out.

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Re: Prop for a Yamaha F70 on a 26M?

Post by mallardjusted » Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:07 pm

I've tried 2 props the last several years with my F70 on my 26X:

13-5/8" x 13 and a
14" x 11

With the 13 I've done a wind and current-adjusted 24.5 mph, lightly loaded!

I have found the 14" performs a little better when heavily loaded, so that's probably what I will leave on it.

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