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Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:54 pm
by Tiger
Good day Everyone!
I want to install on my 26 M, 100btl Suzuki motor.
Tell me does anyone else have this experience.
Can I do that?

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:11 pm
by bwygirl
That motor is too big for the 26M Is this an older motor? The sweet motor for the 26M is the DF60AVTL2 because of its light weight 253 lbs and size it fits the engine well nicely and still gives you room to get around it. The high thrust model produces plenty of torque and moves the M nicely, good on fuel too. You will find a 100 motor to be heavy, making the boat less of a sail boat, hard of fuel so you will need to stop frequently at gas stations, and because of its size it may not even come up out of the water when you want to sail, and it may not turn left to right properly. The 26M should have the 60.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:23 pm
by NiceAft

Remember, Tiger is in Vladivostok, Russia. They may have more, or fewer places on the water to fuel up. He may need to purchase two of your larger fuel tanks. Do you ship there :?: :D :wink:


Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:51 pm
by Tiger
Many thanks for the advice!
But I'm sorry this is a new motor. ... uct/df100b
DF100B = DF90A
DF100B is made on the basis of DF90A, and I have seen many satisfied owners of DF90A here?

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:39 am
by Tiger

I looked DF60AVTL2, interesting motor, I now stands DF60ATL since 2010.
I need to travel long distances quickly.
And there enjoy the sail. DF60AVTL2 will give an increase in speed?


Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 7:21 am
This post opens up a question that needs to be answered.

Really the question here is: Will a bigger motor make the M boat go faster?? And if so, how much faster?? With my 60 I get 18.5 knots in heavy chop and that's about as fast as you want to go in the ocean in a small boat - as it is I am already faster than most the power boats crossing the San Pedro Channel. So 2 more knots at WOT gets me to the island 4 minutes sooner???

If going from a 60 to a 90 gets only 2 more knots, it's not really worth it. Now, if the M boat could actually cruise at say, 26 knots in heavy chop (30 MPH) then maybe there might be some benefit - otherwise, it's just not worth it.

The other problem is the gas - even the 60 uses too much gas at WOT - yet if I just pull back the throttle just a tiny bit to like 17.5 knots my MPG DOUBLES! So why run faster??

So here is the real question: And this can only be answered by folks that have actually put bigger motors on the M boat (Don't use the X boat - it's flatter bottom makes it a better motor boat than the M) so for those who have a big motor on the M - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE IN SPEED? Give us the numbers. That's the only way to make the right decision - you need NUMBERS.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:16 am
by Chinook
As I understand it, the big risk in running fast with a larger outboard in choppy conditions is hull damage due to the pounding at high speed. Transom is plenty strong enough to hold the engine, but other problems can emerge.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:25 am
by kurz
I understand all our thoughts, myself have at my :macm: just the Merc60. I get 16kn with the fully loadet 26m, inlding mast up and all the stuff.
I run seldem full speed, so all ok for me.

But If I did often I can anderstand all peoople that prefere to run the bigger motor at 4800rpm than the 60HP at 5800rpm.

Maybe there is no objectiv reason, maybe the Merc60 can do this run for many 100 of hours... But you no what I mean...

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:57 am
Chinook wrote:As I understand it, the big risk in running fast with a larger outboard in choppy conditions is hull damage due to the pounding at high speed. Transom is plenty strong enough to hold the engine, but other problems can emerge.
I was concerned about that until I ran the 30 miles across the channel at 18 knots in choppy waters for the 10th time - after that I realized the hull was never going to break - EVER. We have hit chop so hard it shook the blinds right off the liner (and those are screwed in pretty good) and pretty much put the entire contents of the boat in the air many many times. My wife has had the most bone jarring experiences below decks during that crossing. By far the best way to do it is to SAIL - Sailing make the boat really stable and solid and we don't even notice the chop - but when your in a hurry to beat all the cabin cruisers for a mooring you tend to get in a rush.

I would go slower but in really bad chop the boat wallows and rolls and does the hobby horse with a lot of spray over the sides when I bring it down to 12 knots but at 17+ knots the boat is fully out of the water and skipping over the chop with all the spray behind the boat and aside from the occasional SLAM of a really big chopper it's a lot smoother (and drier) for us occupants. I just decided that 1.5 hours skipping over the waves with an occasional WHAM was better than 3 hours of unbearable sloppiness in an unruly sea.

From my point of view once you get the boat out of the water I can't see how adding more HP is going to make you go much faster - but how would I know?? I only have 60 HP - someone with 90 or more would need to tell us the difference.

As for the hull - breaking the hull with water?? I don't think so. The hull is double strong - stronger than most boats because it has that welded in ballast box that makes the hull even stronger in those places where it slams the waves under power. Add to that the extra rib they put on the post 2000 models and you have a hull that will never break from water hits. If the hull could break from hitting water too hard I would have broke it by now - many many times.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:13 am
by Seapup
Really the question here is: Will a bigger motor make the M boat go faster?? And if so, how much faster??

Octaman put a DF100 on his :macm: He says its going 27 in this pic loaded down for cruising.

MacM + 1950cc = HUGE success

Hello to all Mac lovers,

Just decided to pop in after several years of absence.
Highlander and Beene may remember me.
I have a Suzuki 100 hp/1950cc on my 2004 26M

This is 2017 and my last post on this thread was in 2011. I started this thread in November 2010 and since then I have seen a lot of newcomers asking what the right engine is for the Mac 26M on the MacGregor website.

So as I reminder, I bring up this thread again supporting my decision to upgrade to more torque (it’s not the horsepower that makes the actual difference, it's the torque!)
It’s 5 plus years I’ve been away, and I’m back to say, I’m still with my Mac 26M, I still have my Suzuki 100hp/1950cc and a few thousand miles down the road I can still say this is the best upgrade I could have ever performed. No problems, no issues, all good.

This comes from a super happy Mac owner that upgraded to the right motor and is back again to re-confirm just that.

And to commemorate this moment here is a photo of my Mac at wide open throttle doing 23.5 knots (that would be 27 miles per hour) this past summer 2016 in Greece. Fully laden in cruising mode and with two persons in the cockpit. ... &start=195

He seemed pleased with the old suzuki 100 and the new one is 60+ pounds lighter.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:02 am
So an extra 5 miles per hour in my case.

I dunno, if it means less MPG I would need to say no unless it pushes the boat at the same MPG at 18.5 knots I get now - if that were true then the big question to me would be weight - do I want the added weight? Depends on the amount. I already have the 17 gallon tanks and at cruising speed it allows me to get around to the other side of the islands without sailing at night. (There are no lights on shore over there at night on the back side).

I suppose if they made a 100 that weighed the same as the 60 and got the same MPG at 18 knots as the 60 and did not drag in the water like others do then i would say it sounds like a good deal as long as you don't mind the bigger head unit.

I don't think the bigger head unit would bother me as much as the added weight. If it can't fully retract out of the water then it's a non-starter for me because I will do nothing that would reduce sailing efficiency. I still spend 95% of the time under sails - the motor is not that important.

It's good to know the numbers though - 5 MPH more is a good number - we still need 2 more numbers: MPG at 20 MPH and weight of the 100 HP motor.

To make a good decision you three numbers: added speed, MPG, weight.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:55 am
by mallardjusted
Tiger, I'n not sure what outboard brands you have near you, but if available you should consider the Yamaha 70. I replaced my Suzuki 50 with this outboard in 2014. A huge improvement in power.

Yet, it only weighs 253 lbs vs a Suzuki 90 at 343 lbs. It is only 6 or 7 lbs heavier than a 50. What I also like about it is the profile is the same size as a 50, so there are no clearance issues when raising the outboard. No extra beefing up of the transom is needed either.

Re: Suzuki 100BTL

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:38 am
by Berber Boy
BOAT was asking for experience with larger motors. My 60hp ETEC on my :macm: was stolen so I had to replace. I did so with a 75HP ETEC and have found it much more effective but not in Speed. 18.5 kn in wavelet water or glassy is maximum with a full ballast. The benefit for me is the torque available at lower speed.
When I have to move in crowded situations and especially mooring I find that at slow speed the engine holds the stern much better especially when I have a stiff crosswind or windage coming over the beam. It allows me to approach faster and stop quicker. But faster. Not very much at all.