Remember the $9000 '06 M?

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Re: Remember the $9000 '06 M?

Post by Highlander » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:40 pm

Globalhobo wrote:
yukonbob wrote:I would put a rubber stopper or some sort of cushioning on the top of the dagger board to stop it from smashing into the SS plate, cause it will. I had planned on adding some to the stock setup as it would hit the base of the mast when up-hauling sometimes and take chips out of the top.
Thanks! I wouldn't have thought of that before - will definitely add some cushion on the bottom side of the bracket before launching Saturday. I'll also turn the #12 bolts around so if the nut and lock washer fall off, I will be able to see it and not get a big surprise.
Put blue loc-tite thread locker on the nuts & bolts it,ll help keep them from coming loose with vibration :wink:

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Re: Remember the $9000 '06 M?

Post by Crikey » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:24 pm

Highlander wrote:
Crikey wrote:I'd like to find out how much the daggerboard moves around when lowered.
Nice repair job!
Put ur duck wings on & let us know ! :D :D :D :P

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Unfortunately, given the fact that we're buried under near-record snow at present, and the lovely enlightenment I'm having following a blown out achilles tendon, that aint happening anytime soon.
Actually I was more pondering what there was with it lowered in running position. You're idea for its retracted configuration is a good one.
Maybe you could go swimming with the Killer Whales and give yours a wiggle? :D


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Re: Remember the $9000 '06 M?

Post by Globalhobo » Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:10 pm

We got her safely in the marina and had just a couple of issues. Bringing her up the island (our marina is a tiny thing in a residential area with no ramp), the motor died twice when we throttled down, which is no big deal in the great big blue but the second time was coming in the very narrow channel in pearl harbor. We figured out that's a fuel line problem. We had no wind at all (not normal for Hawai'i) but wanted to take her out the next day and there were 8-12 ft swells. Coming into the channel, surfing on the swells felt like I was surfing my kayak. It was unnerving as I skidded down, the boat trying to go sideways and me fighting the wheel for control. Would you guys suggest dropping the daggerboard a bit even though I was running around 12 mph? The manual says to keep it up but it didn't feel right.

We finally got a chance to sail her this past weekend and that was good fun until the rudder bolt came out or sheared or something and we heard it bashing around on the back of the boat and had to put it back into the bracket while getting bounced around at sea. :|

Wish there were someone down here to go out on the boat with us with some :macm: knowledge. We aren't sure how far we can push her in the Open ocean - our Cal was a little tank and pushed through everything. The Mac just feels so light.

Anyway, we'll get it with practice. Here's a couple of pics of our boat in our little marina

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Re: Remember the $9000 '06 M?

Post by yukonbob » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:40 am

Globalhobo wrote:Would you guys suggest dropping the daggerboard a bit even though I was running around 12 mph? The manual says to keep it up but it didn't feel right.
A foot at most. More throttle will solve the problem for a bit, until you max out speed/power. Problem with too much DB down is as the boat decides to go slightly port or starboard as you're surfing down the wave' the DB starts to create lift and will throw you down or a fast roundup in short order. As a power boat with DB and rudders up on a a turn, your boat heels into the turn (mast to the inside) as a sailboat with all boards down you heel to the outside of the turn, as the boards create lift. Now imagine surfing straight down a wave at 8-10 knots then having your boards bite the water and doing an abrupt 180, if you make it all the way around that is. If sailing in these conditions rig up a drogue and throw it out the back off a bridle and it will be more enjoyable. 2' diameter drogue ($50-$60) 150' of floating rope, 4 ft of 3/8 chain (to keep it from skipping on the surface) and a good SS anchor swivel.

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