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Where do you run 110v Shore Power wire to below deck area?

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Re: Where do you run 110v Shore Power wire to below deck are

Postby MaritimeMenace » Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:59 pm

First attempts to get through from the fuse panel, directly to the rear between the cockpit floor and the headliner have been unsuccessful. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to try using a washer with a string attached to go along that path.

If the doesn't make it, I'm going to try to run from the fuse panel, along the lower port trim piece of the Headliner to the rear. Up in the side of the headliner is a round cutout that I can probably get through to the stock / original 'rolex style' boat wire, then run through the bilge to the batteries
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Re: Where do you run 110v Shore Power wire to below deck are

Postby Catigale » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:42 am

Remember the first thing you electric cable should hit is a double pole disconnect/ breaker. To give you an idea , the run from my port side connector to the disconnect is 2.5 inches, and is removed and inspected each season
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Re: Where do you run 110v Shore Power wire to below deck are

Postby BOAT » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:59 pm

MaritimeMenace wrote:Oh, interesting. I just wanted to make sure there was no hidden chase or channel someplace I was unaware of. I looks like you have to go exposed in some way. Thanks!


Highlander wrote:I ran 2" pvc plastic elect. conduit down from my main box to the end of the sliding galley slider then covered it with the same carpet that came with the boat ... k5ixlm.jpg

J 8)

Okay Allen, I understand what your talking about - hey guys - he is trying to figure out how to run a wire from the upper liner into the lower liner without going all the way to the bow or back to the aft again.

Short answer: YOU CAN'T.

You can send the raw power from the rear to either the top liner or the bottom liner, but getting power from one liner to the other is not possible without a chase or conduit except in the transom. Most have the power in the upper liner and just keep all their AC outlets in the upper liner too. Some of us have AC in the upper AND the lower liner ('boat' does) but this requires a chase.
If the panel is in the upper liner like most you need to get raw power to the panel FIRST:
The safest shortest route to the panel is from the side of the boat on the outside, but as you have read here a lot of us do not use the safest and shortest route 8) like me :P I come from the aft helm seat area to plug in - so I have marine romex going from that inlet along the upper wall liner and the hull to the power panel. The red lines sort of represent the power in, and the power out of the panelboard:
Sorry for the crude drawing, but that's the best I can do - the thing that YOUR interested in is the wooden thing that the black arrow is pointing to in the picture above.
From the backside you can see that the wooden support for the seat back goes all the way down the hull from the top liner to the bottom liner. I made it that way with a cavity inside of it for wire:
The marine romex FROM the power panel goes down inside this wooden cavity into the compartment under the dinette to a junction box with a breaker that supplies all the other AC plugs in the boat.
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