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6v Battery Bank

A forum for discussing boat or trailer repairs or modifications that you have made or are considering.

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6v Battery Bank

Postby eodjedi » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:17 pm

Ok I now have 2 6v GC2 batteries and and a starter battery. Where the hull do I put them? I would like to avoid putting anymore weight on the starboard side. I have the Marine A/C system on the the starboard side of the boat. The port side has all of the plumbing for the A/C system (pump, strainer etc....)
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Re: 6v Battery Bank

Postby Gazmn » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:50 am

While I'm hoping some :macm: guys will chime in. I'll pass on what I've learned. By principle, you want these as low & close to your center line & as forward or aft as will work for power supply lines. They're about 140 lbs of extra ballast- once securely installed :wink: I put mine just forward of my CB pole & access from my forward bench seat in my :macx: I'm currently storing 4 6Vs [280] there. securely tucked & strapped together just in front of & slightly more Starboard of my center board.

This does a couple of things for me. It adjust a 3* Port list I had; balances against my fat a$$ & big motor & gas tanks hangin off the back; & is a consistent weight that's makes me 'feel' steadier pushing through seas, whether water ballast & forward 20 gal water tank filled in or not. I don't know how to work this around an :macm: layout.
PS: I've also raised my waterline & bottom paint about 4"s for my stuff :P

I think Highlander posted to me once that he keeps his 2 6Vs under the cabin steps. Idk whether exposed or in some sort of storage container. Just Macguyver some way to keep it all tight & in place.

-Low & Tight 8)
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Re: 6v Battery Bank

Postby Highlander » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:44 pm

Here,s the whole link pic,s and all of how I done it


all the pic,s of how to do it r there u just have to scrole down the link as the work progressed hope this help,s u out

J 8)
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