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Bilge Pump Location

A forum for discussing boat or trailer repairs or modifications that you have made or are considering.

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Re: Bilge Pump Location

Postby RussMT » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:00 pm

eodjedi wrote:Well I'm a special case, I do have a through hull. My A/C raw water intake is located on the port side space to the left of the battery housing, the storage area underneath the sink.

In that case, I'd sleep better with an automatic bilge pump. I like Jimmy's setup. Out the back where healing can't submerge the outlet.
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Re: Bilge Pump Location

Postby mac n cheese » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:11 pm

I also considered hard wiring a bilge pump with an auto feature and a proper bilge pump switch with Man/Auto function.
After some thought I figured a portable pump would do just fine as a couple members here have already mentioned. A big sponge and a
bucket for the rain water that comes in top side also works well. I'm hoping to rectify some of these top side leaks this summer.

I wired the pump with battery alligator clips but also kept the automatic mode using another battery clip so I have manual or auto option. Not sure yet where I would discharge
the water if I was to leave the boat for an extended period if in auto mode. Option is nice. See pic.

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mac n cheese
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Re: Bilge Pump Location

Postby Highlander » Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:07 pm

I have a large bilge pump mounted under the ladder in front of my batts with a band clamp that,s the lowest part of the bilge in that area the Hull runs up from there to the transom about 1 1/2" mine also runs aft and my through hull runs out of the transom also high above the water line , I used heavy wall clear vinyl marine tubing designed for bilge pump use it lets u see if anything is growing inside it or if there is a blockage plus less restriction to flow , also make sure ur bilge pump is rated to pump as high as ur installed through hull fitting
I,m not a fan of those white plastic core-gated bilge hoses they reduce the flow rate of ur pump quite considerably, they trap water which also allows unseen mold to grow & they r prone to splitting with age :o

J 8)
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Re: Bilge Pump Location

Postby eodjedi » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:07 pm

I don't think I would have enough room to mount it there. I will definitely change out the corrugated hosing to something smoother.
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Re: Bilge Pump Location

Postby sailertrash » Wed May 16, 2018 2:41 am

I just installed a rule 500 gph pump and a float switch under my batteries on my '02 26x.

I wired one switch for auto using the float switch, and another switch if I just want to turn the pump on. I live in AK where it rains a lot and last summer I got by using a portable pump with a bucket, but this year I want piece of mind when it's raining and my boat is 2 hours away in a slip. I can't confirm that this one pump is enough or how well it is going to work yet, but it seems like thats the low point on the port side.

If I install another one, I think it will be under the bathroom sink on the starboard side. I feel like those two spots are the lowest and are a pain to get to with the portable pump. A third pump back and center under the beds would be cool too, because there is another low point back there, but I think thats the easiest for me to get to with the portable pump if necessary.

We'll see how the first pump works and go from there. Hopefully it's enough.

I installed the pump because my chain plates are leaking bad when it rains. Just posted a new thread if anyone has advice on sealing them.
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