Helm Seat Cracking on 2008 26M

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Re: Helm Seat Cracking on 2008 26M

Post by beene » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:18 am

NiceAft wrote:
K9Kampers wrote:
Highlander wrote:...don,t know how many times it,s almost decapitated me when my heads been down there !
Cantcha jus move the location of yer cockpit bar?! Jus sayin'...
Oh boy John, he knows you. :D

Nail on the head!!!


Just made my day!

And ya, J, use a freekin rope to hold the dam seat up when going for another pint!


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Re: Helm Seat Cracking on 2008 26M

Post by Highlander » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:48 pm

Hi guy,s that,s how I come up with a lot of my mod,s ideal,s Knock knock how come I never thought of that before bang bang darn helm seat again :x

Listen when u drop a penny on the cockpit floor & it rolling aft towards the Davy Jones locker their,s no time to b screwing around securing a helm seat :o

I do not have to leave the cockpit to get another Pint I have cold storage access lockers built into my cockpit :wink: :P

As for that little cable on the Helm seat I thought that was when u lifted the seat u hooked it onto the back belt loop of ur pants so as not to fall overboard while Peein :)

Just goe,s to show u r never too old to learn !! :?

J 8)

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