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Leak in stern storage area

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Leak in stern storage area

Postby cbenslay » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:07 pm

While packing up the boat yesterday I found the source of a leak in our stern storage area. We know we have one under the helm station and it appears to be water running down the control cables. However, I discovered the source of a much larger leak. A picture is better then me trying to describe the location, but I've never posted one before. Hopefully, it is here:


I made the crack a little larger while poking around on it, but it has been leaking for awhile. I looked up top in the well by the engine and there was some standing water in it. Now, my wife had been cleaning the boat so that water hadn't been there long. The drain doesn't work very well though! I did what I could to clean it out and the water runs a little better.

I did not see a crack in the well up above. Somehow that water is getting between the two layers of the boat and leaking down below. Any ideas?

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