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Portable water tank - head

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 10:39 am
by Alexis

I just replaced the pump faucets with nicer ones, all in steel. I will only reconnect water in the head this year, but I am not sure about the collapsible tanks which came with the boat... They are kind of old and the walls seem very thin. besides the plugs came with a sort of quarter turn tap, I can't see any hole to insert a pipe from the faucet.

What should be the dimension of the tank which is located under the icebox?

Do you think a rigid tank is better than a collapsible one?

How is the pipe running to the water, I imagine that I will have to drill though the cap to insert the pipe though it, and make it go to the bottom of the tank?

EDIT: I had a lot of readers, but no answer yet... Is it because of my bad English? Sorry about that, I am French. Nobody's perfect! I made a few changes in my post, I hope it is more intelligible.