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Etec fuelpump

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:38 pm
by Ixneigh
Hi. I was wondering if I should be concerned about the age of the fuel pump on my etec. It’s a ‘11 model. Always used rec 90 and have a fuel water separator type filter. If I’m
Planning a Bahamas trip, should I: carry a spare? A repair kit? Get a newer motor ;) ?
Local repair guy has an etec in good shape minus the computer. He will sell me the whole motor for 1200. Has all the other parts like tilt trim, injectors, etc for spares for my engine. Or should I just forget doing major repairs to mine if it needs it, and repower when needed, (25 hp outboard this time)
Thanks everyone

Re: Etec fuelpump

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:35 pm
by Jimmyt
If you're about to do an extended trip, waterpump, thermostat, check/change lower unit lube, and tune up; or at least do any of these that you haven't done recently. I would use new OEM replacement parts.

I would consult the manual and do any recommended maintenance not listed above. While you're at it, look at all of your hoses, wiring, etc for cracks, leaks, brittleness, and replace as necessary. Replace your fuel hose and bulb if it's old.

I wouldn't buy a parts motor for $1200 unless it was in like new condition, and I planned on keeping the etec forever. Sounds like you're considering downsizing.

My thoughts, based on my comfort level.

Re: Etec fuelpump

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:38 am
by March
That's a toughie.
The first time we did the Bahamas, the ETEC was exactly at the five year revision that I didn't get around to and still behaved impeccably. The second time, the full revision was done ahead of schedule--changed fuel pump and leaking oil tank. The other parts under the cowling, like Jimmyt suggested, looked very good and brand-new: nothing brittle or aged. Yet the engine blew an injector which was, the mechanic said, very unusual.
I wouldn't personally dare to change an injector myself, or do any radical operations in the Bahamas. Forget about ETEC mechanics. There was only one in Nassau and he was backlogged. The Evinrude dealer didn't even have spark plugs for a 50 HP ETEC. He dealt only in 250 big mothers.
It's one of the "calculated risks". Instead of buying a $ 1200 for spares, I would get an auxiliary engine just in case (but you probably already have one) and accept it as such

Re: Etec fuelpump

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:18 pm
by Ixneigh
Thanks for the opinions. It’s kind of looking like a run it until it gives out, then get a motor that’s easier to get serviced type of thing. The injectors, pump, computer, are all prohibitive to replace since the engine is 7 years old. A 20 HP carbed Honda is probably what I need for cruising for months in the Bahamas (my ultimate goal) I know I can do any but major powerhead repairs on that esp if it doesn’t have that auto choke nonsense.