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Mac26X/M slip launch checklist?

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Mac26X/M slip launch checklist?

Postby dlandersson » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:15 pm

Anyone know of a Mac26X/M slip launch checklist?
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Re: Mac26X/M slip launch checklist?

Postby hoaglandr » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:31 pm

Here's one I borrowed and modified from Duane Dunn:


Rig and Launch Checklist
Trailer Lights Un-Plugged
Bow Safety Chain Un-Hooked
Trailer Strap Removed
Rudders - Lock Bolts out/cleated up
Install Windex and antenna
Remove mast tie downs
Install spreaders
Remove Bungies
Stays set outboard
Remove furler support
Un-bolt mast from bow, slide to step, bolt to step
Attach mast raising system to step
Attach mast raising system lines to bow/mast
Attach baby stays
Raise mast slowly, clearing stays and lines.
Pin Furler
Disconnect mast raising system.
Plug in mast light, antenna
Attach boom to mast
Attach topping lift to boom
Attach mainsail to boom
Sail Slides in track, stop installed
Main halyard attached, run to cockpit.
Vang attached
Main Sheet attached
Cover sail
Install Dodger
Install Solar Panel
Lines and Fenders Attached
Cushions Installed
Bimini raised
Load gear
Trailer In water with fenders sunk
Float off trailer
Secure to dock
Fill ballast tank

Loading Checklist
Motor Off and Up
Rudders Up and Cleated
Centerboard Up full
Ballast gate open
Trailer In water with fenders sunk
Release from dock
Float onto trailer
Winch into Bow pad, attach bow safety chain
Pull From Water
Unload Gear
Lines and Fenders Stowed
Cushions Stowed
Uninstall Dodger
Uninstall Solar Panel
Cover off mainsail
Sail Stop out
Slides out, sail removed
Secure main halyard
Vang/Main Sheet off
Topping lift Off
Boom in cabin
Un-Plug Mastlight/Antenna
Cover and fold Bimini back
Attach mast raising system to step
Attach mast raising system lines to bow/mast
Attach baby stays
Tighten winch to take tension off furler
Unpin furler
Lower mast slowly, clearing stays and lines.
Disconnect mast raising system.
Roll Mast forward to bracket
Bungee furler to support
Bungee stay and lines
Remove Windex/Antenna
Tie Down Mast
Attach trailer straps
Pin rudders
Close ballast gate
Plug in trailer lights, test
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