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Bow mounted roller anchor

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Bow mounted roller anchor

Postby davera20023 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:14 am

I have a roller mount for an anchor that I would like to mount on my bow. How do you access the area to move the cleat and install cap screws for the roller mount. I can see the area but cannot reach it. Any ideas?
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Re: Bow mounted roller anchor

Postby Chinook » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:23 am

It depends on the year your 26X was produced. Earlier X models, up to around 1999, have a triangular cover panel screwed to the underside of the cabin liner, up in the forward part of the Vee berth. You can remove the panel, pull out the blocks of flotation foam, and gain access to the underside of the deck, thereby allowing access for bolting the roller in place. If you have a later model X, like I do, it gets much more difficult. The cabin liner truncates near the bow, allowing visual access, if you have a pointy shaped head, to the area in question. However, it's almost impossible to reach where a bolt would be, to secure a nut in place. I actually managed it with our X, but it was painful and difficult. I used a piece of flat aluminum, drilled out and shaped for the space, to serve as backing. I drilled the holes through the deck, and then put some adhesive on the backing to hold it up there while I fumbled around with the nuts. I think I placed the nuts in the end of a socket, with extension, and had my wife turn the bolts until I got lucky and managed to get the threads started. Stainless fender washers would have also served, and probably more easily, to provide the backing. Assuming you have a newer X, and if the process described above doesn't sound inviting, I suggest you contact BWY and order up one of their custom made bow rollers, which were made just for the X. The roller is set on the end of a triangular shaped stainless plate. There is a notch in the plate, which allows it to position around the forestay attachment. Because of the location of the plate, fairly close to the tip of the bow, you can securely fasten it to your boat using 3 hefty self tapping screws, all conveniently done from the foredeck. Todd at BWY assures me that the fiberglass in that area is quite thick, and the 3 screws will provide sufficient holding strength. A conventional bow roller, with a length of 13 or more inches, which extends more than an inch or so beyond the bow, will create enough leverage as to make through bolts advisable.

One more thought. Be sure to consider which type of anchor you plan on using when installing a bow roller. The newer Manson and Rochna type anchors, as well as the Bruce claw style, may conflict with the bow of the boat if the roller is too close to the front of the bow. Todd wasn't sure if his custom roller would accomodate a Rochna. It might, but it would be very close. Final word: despite the hassles involved, I find the anchor roller to be a critical and much valued piece of gear on my boat. No anchor worth using on a regular basis will fit in the anchor locker. You really need a roller so you can carry it on the bow, thus freeing the locker up for rode and chain. Cut a neat semicircle in the front of the locker lid, so the chain can go out to the anchor with the lid closed. That way, you'll have a good anchor always rigged and ready for launch. The roller also greatly eases the job of raising the anchor. Good luck.

PS: You shouldn't have to relocate your cleat when installing an anchor roller. Mine just fits between the cleat and the forestay attachment plate. If you have an older X, your deck mounted bow light may be in the way. If so, BWY has a bracket which bolts to the side of their anchor roller, or any other roller for that matter. This bracket allows for remounting the bow nav light in an elevated position.
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Re: Bow mounted roller anchor

Postby Bilgemaster » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:38 pm

If you've already got a bow roller handy and wrists like a squirrel monkey, then I guess you could go for that one with a good sturdy backing plate. I just went with the purpose-built roller for 26Xs from Blue Water Yachts for about a C-note as described here. I've got a big 6" PVC pipe held to one of the starboard side bow railing stanchions with big stainless hoseclamps for holding my Fortress FX-11 anchor. The pipe can also double as a confetti cannon to help announce my return and clear the boat ramp area of pesky loitering jet skiers in a pinch.

I'm a bit of a noob to all this, so both the roller and anchor type were chosen based on recommendations from folks who seem to actually know what they're talking about in these fine forums. Installation of the roller was a breeze. Its mounting bolts are just lagged right into the deck with no backing plate, but I am aware of no failures or other issues with this sort of mounting ever having been mentioned hereabouts.
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