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Latest Links:
  • NOAA's new website - The one on the links page, is not functional anymore. Please replace with this one.
  • Earth NC Charts for Google Earth - Web based planning tool that allows one to view road map, satellite view and NOAA charts.
  • MacGregor Rig Tuning Tips - Note: I suggest a new links topic, Technical Links. Rig tuning tips for all MacGregor trailerable boats from Blue Water Yachts.
  • SV LAIKA - Sailing Vessel LAIKA NY 9432 FZ 2002 MacGregor 26X
  • UK & Ireland MacOwners - Association of MacGregor Owners (all classes of Mac's and some other trailer sailors) or Associate Members (ex Owners or potential Owners)in UK and Ireland plus a few english owners in other parts of Europe.

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