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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Rigging MacGregor 26S 1991 Doug91mac26s 2010-05-05
Centerboard control line to cockpit
Many thanks to Bob/Windsong, for coming up with this mod, I followed his lead, and ran my CB control line to the cockpit.

I think Bob's line exited from under the sink and ran up outside the head door, I ran mine just inside the door.
But in doing that I had to use a wood spacer to get the turning block at the top to the same height as the paneling.

It exits into the cockpit on the starboard side just behind the winch and centered on the cam cleat. I still need to install a cleat to secure the line.

I installed a new control line and also a new tube under the sink, and made it as long as I could, to help ensure water won't splash up in there.

I used one of the original blocks, the one to the left of the cabinet door, and used the original mounting holes and strap. I just attached a shackle to change the blocks orientation. Then I used an upright lead block to exit up into the head area. I found using an upright block easier to pinpoint where the exit hole should be. I think Bob used a single block with a strap connected to the side.
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