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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Rigging MacGregor 26X 2002 Laika 26X 2011-09-20
Main Halyard lead aft
Mast Lift Block
Rope Clutch
Another take on a mod that's been done before, leading the Main Halyard aft to the cockpit. HOWEVER, f you use the jib low-lead car, or plan to use it in lieu of the Genoa Lead Cars, this is NOT for you. I wanted it simple, and to use as much existing hardware as possible.
First off I replace the Masthead Main Halyard Block with a higher quality block. I purchase and use Garhauer Marine Hardware almost exclusively. Family run, German Engineered. Their product, as well as their Company, has NEVER let me down. Reasonable people with an excellent product for its price, and they're at almost every major boat show I attend. Enough with the promo. That Masthead block had been binding anyway, and while the replacement block was slightly larger, I felt justified to replace it.
That being done, time came to figure out how exactly I should run it aft. Well I did purchase a bunch of items, and laid them out in different configurations, some complicated, one not. I saw, that if I placed a Halyard Lift Block juuuuuust right on the starboard side of the mast, I can then feed the Main Halyard line from the Masthead Block to the jib low-lead car block, which I NEVER had the need to use. Setting that correctly then leads it straight aft where I installed the rope clutch. That requires access holes for the hardware from inside the Head since I bolted it through the starboard Companionway Hatch Retainer strip.
Simple and about as neat an install as I could want. All you really need is the lift block and the clutch. I installed a second lift block to port for a downhaul led aft in a future mod.

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Suggested Sources
Lift Block: Halyard Lift Stainless Steel Blocks, P/N: 25-25 SB, MFR: Garhauer Marine Hardware
Rope Clutch: Rope Clutch, P/N: 11-11S, MFR: Garhauer Marine Hardware
Masthead Main Halyard Block Replacement: Halyard Cheek Stainless Steel Blocks, P/N: 25-21 SB, MFR: Garhauer Marine Hardware
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