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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Storage MacGregor 26X 1999 Tomfoolery 2012-08-13
Mast Crutch Roller Upgrade
Original Roller
New Roller
Having become rather dissatisfied with the way the mast crutch roller fits the mast (poor, to say the least), I made a new one out of 1/2" Starboard. Six discs, turned in pairs on a wood lathe, and now the mast stays upright and doesn't try to roll onto its side in the crutch roller. It also spins much easier than the synthetic rubber roller, so the effort required, and resulting horizontal force on the helm, has been reduced to almost nothing. Since I don't need the spreaders as handles any more, I take them off and store them below, with just the end caps still on the shrouds.

I had to cut a groove in each of the largest (outer) discs to clear the nuts on the spreader bracket bolts, though I may put them back on the lathe and turn the OD down to clear them. Even without the largest OD, it's still a lot more support then the original provided.

Something similar could be made with plain discs cut from Starboard with holes saws of various diameters. Finish drill the pilot hole to 3/8", and install.
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