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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Interior MacGregor 25 1983 DanInCanton 2013-02-10
Custom Galley
The installed galley
Plenty of storage underneath
This is the custom galley I installed on Vagabond. The galley consists of a stainless steel sink with hand pump and an off-the-shelf 65-quart Igloo cooler wrapped with several inches of additional insulation. A small storage compartment underneath the sink holds a portable propane stove and accessories (the wire shelf pivots up to allow access to additional storage under the seat). The arrangement leaves a 7-foot-long quarterberth to aft and a small seat forward in the expanded head compartment. I chose to not install a stove, as I prefer to cook on the cockpit floor, which I feel is a safer place for hot liquids and an open flame.

The cooler extended several inches below the seat, which required a cutout to be made. It holds a weeks worth of groceries and keeps cold for three days with a gallon of ice.
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