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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Anchoring MacGregor 25 1983 DanInCanton 2013-05-08
Claw Anchor Holder
Here's a simple, cheap anchor holder I mounted to my radar arch. It's nothing more than a piece of 3" PVC pipe from Home Depot and some stainless mounting hardware. The concrete bucket is made to be extra sturdy and comfortably holds 20 feet of chain. It drains through a dozen or so 1/4" holes drilled in the bottom. I can retrieve the anchor from the cockpit, pile the chain in the bucket and wash the whole thing off without getting mud on the boat.

The anchor rode is cleated at the bow, run through a choke and stretched back to a cleat at the cockpit. When I trailer, the anchor rides in the truck, the bucket goes on the floor of the cockpit and zip ties secure the anchor rode to the lifeline stanchions.
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