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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26X 2000 DaveC426913 2014-06-29
Footboard for height-challenged Admiral
A large fraction of the Admiral's anxiety when heeling comes from not being able to brace herself. Her legs are too short to reach the far bench - the only thing preventing her from sliding is her butt and her hands - the least strong large-muscle groups. For me, who can easily put my feet out, I am merely standing on a diagonal floor, while leaning against a diagonal wall. I could do that indefinitely.

My solution is to place a footboard down the centreline of the cockpit that she can brace her feet on.

I did not want to drill any holes in the sole of my cockpit, so I decided to attach them at the uprights at each ends.
And I wanted it easily removable, without leaving anything to trip on.

Two 1/4" gudgeons are bolted on, one under the main hatch and the other to the pedestal. The pedestal is only 1/4" thick 'glass, so there is a backing plate inside the pedestal that the gudgeon is bolted through.

1/4" bolts with wingnuts go through the gudgeons (I may change these to clevis pins with cotter pins). It can be removed in a moment (say, when I'm single-handing, or if I get a taller wife.)

The footboard is a 1/2" x 1/8" strip of stainless steel screwed into a piece of wood. (just lumber for now, until I finalize it). The wood is trapezoidal in cross-section - its base is 3" wide. This ensures that it can be tall enough to provide a good foothold but will not just twist sideways under load.

Works great! She loves it!
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