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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26M 2009 Berber Boy 2014-10-03
DIY Economy Stern Rail Seats
Stern Rail Seat
Seat from Underside
Seat Support Vloseup
My Grand-daughters wanted to have stern rail seats like another MACM they saw.
They are expensive in Australia so I designed my own.
Using OS 1" SS Tubing, PVC Bow ends, 6*1" SS Bimini clamps, SS 316 Plate & 2 chopping boards

Here are the fitted seats and the assembly is evident from the photographs The bimini clamps are not cheap
but they have the advantage of allowing
the seats to be easily removed without having to screw into the tubular stern rails or moving them at all.
The Assistant Vice Admirals have both endorsed them and they are permanently Reserved it seems!

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