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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Ventilation MacGregor 26X 2000 DHK79 2015-05-21
Mildew Prevention
Vent over head
Louvered vent ports
Multiple bilge pumps needed
When I bought this boat it was very musty, had mildew on every interior surface, and there was several inches of water in the bilges. The primary problem is that it had been kept on the water in a hot climate and had absolutely no ventilation (nor bilge pumps), so that any water getting inside by rain, condensation, or splashing stayed there. While this is a great environment for a terrarium it is not so pleasant for a boat.

After scrubbing the interior from stem to stern and flushing out the bilges (including floatation chambers) with bleach based cleaners, I installed two Vent-O-Mate ventilators on deck and two vent ports in the cockpit over the stern birth. One ventilator went in the ceiling of the head (for multiple reasons) and the second went on the forward hatch. The last step was to install bilge pumps in all the wells between ballast tanks.

The boat no longer smells and has stayed dry inside.
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