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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Electrical MacGregor 26X 2000 DHK79 2015-05-21
Electrical Rework
Any electrical engineer would be proud
The first picture shows a "splice" found among the rats-nest of wires down aft of the port battery. Needless to say, all of it had to go and I mostly started from scratch with the wiring. most of the actual wire runs through out the hull were left in place, but every single wire was re-terminated.

The old fuse block was too corroded to even replace any of the fuses, so it was pulled & replaced by primary and auxiliary circuit breaker panels. The aux panel was mounted starboard side aft of the dinette.

The 110V outlet was replaced by a new water resistant GFCI one. Also added into the shore power circuit was a battery charger/conditioner.

All of the interior lights were replaced with LED fixtures. A LED light fixture was also added in the head (novel concept, all Admirals would approve).

3 new 12V outlets were installed (2 on aux panel and 1 aft of the stove). There was one rusty one already mounted, but I couldn't tell if it was original or added by a PO.

Lastly the batteries were placed in marine battery boxes and strapped down.
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