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Cockpit MacGregor 26M 2008 vertex2100 2015-08-18
Another generator/boarding platform design
Being tired of placing my Yamaha 2000ie generator on one of my rail seats, I constructed a platform under the helm seat for it from leftover, pressure treated, decking boards. The design is asymetrical in order to be able to place the generator sideways on the larger, port side and smaller on the starboard to be able to place your foot first on the fiberglass under the platform, when entering from the boarding ladder. The platform sits on four legs that are glued and screwed into the side of the engine well. To make it easily removable, these legs have holes in their tops that pins in the bottom of the platform fit into. A clasp keeps it from coming up on its own. I, first, made a cardboard pattern to be able to cut the boards to the boat's curvature. Four eyesbolts are placed to hold the bungie cords and a cable lock secures the generator to the rail above. The gen. sits on a piece of foam exercise mat to lessen vibrations. Now, I would make the platform (but shorter to be able to lift the motor higher) even if not using a gen. since it makes the the boat look much more finished and keeps you from stepping on the motor fuel hose and cables. As is, the motor will lift enough to use in shallow water. I could never lift the Suzuki fully, anyway, without it hitting the bottom of the seat. The generator is invaluable for running an AC in the hot summers of the southern USA and the only way I can get my wife to boat during that season. It will run a 5000 BTU AC, battery charger and the largest Waeco freezer for around 8+- hours on a tankful. I am now making fuel cap with a fitting to hook it into the main tank so as to not have to fill it directly. I use the boat in a salt water environment, so this location is the safest place to protect the generator from salt water spray (plus lots of WD-40). The problem with generators are weight, fuel use, noise, exhaust smell and CO and taking up vauable space. At least , this platform solves the space problem and gets the exhaust as far back on the boat as possible and is quieter than having it sitting next to you in the cockpit. A CO detector solves the CO problem. Having a high quality, Yamaha or Honda helps somewhat with the noise and fuel use with around only 3 gals. per day. Also, they are fairly light at about 53 lbs for the 2000 and 35 lbs for the 1000 models(with fuel and oil).
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