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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Exterior MacGregor 26X 2003 ris 2016-02-13
Sliding Hatch Repair
underside of sliding hatch painted and velcroed
Hatch groove with epoxy
When we first bought the boat when you pushed the hatch forward the noise was unbearable so after reading we put the soft part of the velcro on the hatch itself. We did this by using superglue on the velcro. We had one person stand in the boat and push up on the hatch, we had already pulled the velcro the length of the hatch on the inside, then someone inside put the glue on the velcro while the hatch was held up then we slipped the velcro on with a person on each end topside and the glue person inside guiding it up then sliding it over the inside lip, while the fourth person held up the hatch. About a month ago the hatch started screeching again. We discovered that it was actually the "forward part of the" bottom of the sliding hatch hitting the boat top right in the middle. This was caused by the deep grooves wore into the slide area on each side by the top,caused by the hatch sliding back and forth, which allowed the middle on the forward part of the hatch to contact the top. This time we removed all the screws on both sides from the two strips holding the sliding hatch in place, put about an 1/8 inch of west systems epoxy in the hatch sliding groove, painted the inside of the top just to make it brighter and put new velcro on the sliding hatch "runners". After reinstalling the hatch using 4200 in the screw holes, the hatch is at least 1/8" above the top of the boat as you slide it forward. We almost put too much epoxy in the grooves, it is a little tight as you pull the hatch forward and back. I think as the velcro wears it will get a little easier for the admiral to pull the hatch. She said she would rather pull a little harder opening and closing the hatch in silence then listen to the "screech". To spread the epoxy we cut a plastic putty knife to fit in the groove where the hatch slides.
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