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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Galley MacGregor 26X 2003 ris 2016-04-14
Our favorite galley mod
Galley storage tubs
We built 3 shelves under the stove as food storage and then we found these white tubs by steralite. The bottom shelf is 7 inches the other two are 6 inches tall and 23 inches long. The tubs are 10" wide, by 14" long by 5 inches high. You would not believe how much food these 3 shelves hold. On the top 2 shelves there are smaller tubs behind the larger tubs. These tubs really stick to the plywood shelves that are painted white. The bottom tubs are held in by the bottom of the cabinet. there is nothing holding the other tubs in but we are cruising not sailing. If sailing you would need something to hold the tubs in place.
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