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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Interior MacGregor 26X 1998 Bilgemaster 2016-04-19
Bargain Bilge Beautification
OK, so it's not a proper "mod" as such, but rather a heads up about a thoroughly decent top of the line product currently on they're-practically-giving-it-away final clearance over at Pettit Z-Spar 105 Universal White Undercoat Spray Enamel (Item 756286). As of this writing in April 2016 the stuff is just a buck a can. Tired of peering into the gloom of your unfinished bilge storage areas that resemble the interior of a Humpback Whale's colon? (Don't ask.) A few cans of this stuff will brighten the whole spot up in no time. Makes a HUGE difference. Folks, this is Pettit paint that you normally cannot touch for less than $12 a pop, not your trailer-dwelling ex-brother-in-law's Wallyworld 99 cent tagger spew. Sticks like the Dickens, it does. Formulated for fiberglass, wood, aluminum or steel...It's kind of like an enamel primer. Great stuff at a mind-blowing price. I just bought another 10 cans.

Here's a link to cut-n-paste:|619045|1970793&id=3248435
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