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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Galley MacGregor 26M 2011 Ixneigh 2016-05-22
Galley trim
Stainless galley trim
So after noticing how easily the fiberglass galley scratches, I made these stainless steel trim pieces.
The edge protectors are rub strip bought 2nd hand and cut to length. The flat piece protects the little counter area where hot pots and things are placed and it gets pretty scrungy. This material is high grade stainless plating bought from eBay. I made a paper template and taped that to the metal. Then I tried various jigsaw blades until I found that the carbide grit blade worked best. It took me several hours to cut it though. A few more to dress the edges with a file. I glued it down with silicon glue.
This has been on my list for a few years wherein I did think about replacing the whole galley. But it works fine and I really don't need anything else. Just to dress up the areas of it that start looking bad through normal use.
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