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Electrical MacGregor 26M 2006 Jammo 2016-11-22
Zip-on Solar Panels.
Solar Panels zipped on to Bimini.
Trailer Vision Anderson type connector housing.
Wires leading down to near the stern.
The straw that broke the camels back was the Raymarine EV1 Autopilot tiller.

...Spectre... has two 100ah batteries.

After trying a 1000w generator, I thought I would try Solar Panels. (the generator was abandoned as it was too heavy and noisy)

Some research on eBay brought me to a Flexible Solar Panel that had Zippers sewn on two sides.

I just had to sew the other side of the zippers onto my Bimini so the panels were removable.

On eBay they were called ...100W 12V *ZIPPER Back-contact Flexible Solar Panel for BIMINI SOFT TOP.... The price for the two JT Infinite Solar Panels was $470.00AUS.

To control the input to my battery bank I purchased, a Victron BlueSolar MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

I like the Victron Stuff. I particularly like the instructions on their website. They show in plain english how and why their products work.

To top off the electrical components I also bought a Victron Battery monitor BMV 702 to keep track of the charge rate and battery conditions.

The next part was how to bring the cabling into the boat while maintaining weather protection yet easy disconnection.

I chose to use parts made by a small Australian Company called ...Trailer Vision.... It is a Weather resistant Anderson Plug Connector housing. I mounted this connector out of the way, under the folding seat.

The wiring then runs under the rear bed to the controller and battery.

The last job was to sew a simple protective case to slide the panels in while the boat is on the trailer.

So now I have a lightweight, flexible solar charging system. Just perfect for trailer sailing I hope.
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