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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Galley MacGregor 26X 2003 ris 2016-12-25
Galley Rehab
Galley prep
Galley top cut out
Galley wood top prep
For our galley remodel we first removed the black front on the cabinets, old alcohol stove and tile from the top of the galley. We then cut out the top of the galley to the dimensions of the new sink (bar sink), and the new 2 burner propane stove top. We then placed two layers of 1/2 sanded plywood on the galley top,(1 layer runs perpendicular to the other). The first layer is slightly smaller and fits down in the cabinet, bringing it level with the top lip of the galley top. The second layer lays on top of the galley even with the outside of the galley lip which makes it supported by the galley lip and the 1st piece of plywood. We used the painters tape so saber saw would not mar the wood and the plywood would be less likely to splinter.
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