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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Interior Tattoo 26 2015 Tattoo new 2017-03-26
Port side, above galley
Starboard side
A 2015 mod

We have a slip at a marina for the season and our finger neighbor, a 26 Catalina, is the gathering boat because of its spacious cockpit. Since the Tattoo comes with decent windows, curtains were a must for privacy.

I used Covington McGregor Mariner fabric with a double 1/4" hem all around, small eye hooks in the corners and suction cups to install them.

By only securing the curtains from the top corners, they hang away from the walls allowing light in while still blocking your neighbor's view inside.

The metal hooks from the suction cups fit perfectly through the eyes sewn on the curtains.

I have an aversion to drilling holes in the boat, especially when I am uncertain about the permanence of a modification. The suction cups are a perfect solution. They have lasted 2 seasons without loosing their grip (I did remove the curtain for winter).

I made a similar curtain for the head's skylight with suction cups in the four corners. threading the curtain between the ceiling and the stock curtain rod for the head door keeps it from drooping on to your own head.

Eye hooks
Suction cups
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