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Interior Tattoo 26 2015 Tattoo new 2017-03-27
Interior flooring
IKEA patio flooring
A 2015 mod

DoWe is our second sailboat so I knew how icky the interior floor could get, even though we have a slip and leave our shoes on the dock.

I installed patio floor tiles from IKEA between the table and the galley. Now all that dirt falls through the cracks. Water does not puddle because it too falls through the cracks (or absorbs into the wood tiles) and then evaporates.

The plastic backs of the tiles do click in the Fiberglas floor so I installed rubber shelf liner underneath.

The tiles are easy to cut with a chop saw, jig saw or even a hand saw. (Watch out for the screws that secure the plastic frame to the back)

The tiles interlock with each other and because the floor has Fiberglas sides all around, they hold in place very well with no shifting.

I also numbered the tiles once I had them installed in the right places. They will disconnect from one another if you lift them to sweep underneath and having them numbered in a grid makes it easy to put them back in the right order.

I tried to stain them to match our modified galley front, but the teak, or teak-like, floor did not absorb the stain in a color that matched or flattered the stained whote oak strips and birch plywood of the galley front.

IKEA tiles
Shelf liner available in rolls at a dollar store
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