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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26X 1999 Tomfoolery 2017-04-06
Mast Crutch Bimini Connector Mod
Pipe, sleeve, and crutch tube
Modification to the mast crutch to allow raising the mast 12 inches with the bimini connector in place.

1) 1/2" galvanized schedule 40 pipe, 24" long, with 1" aluminum sleeve, 12" long, slipped over it. The sleeve was cut from a bent spreader. The pipe provides the structural bending resistance, and the sleeve simply raises the crutch a foot higher.

2) A hole cut into the connector, with vinyl patch with criss-cross slots, allows the roller to be passed up through it from below and also allows some movement of the pole. A smaller hole could be used if the crutch is passed from above only.

3) The roller clears the bridge piece by a few inches.
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