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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26X 2003 nopenowaydude 2017-04-24
Hard Dodger
Never really thrilled with the canvas dodger options for this boat, so built this hard dodger out of marine ply and epoxy. Took an entire season but was well worth it. Built this onsite with the boat in its slip, first framing it out, then cutting the individual pieces, routing the window inlays, cutting the sliding hatch pass-thru, epoxying and clamping everything together, then took it home to the garage for sanding, epoxy sealing, more sanding, painting, and stainless hardware installs.

Front window on stainless hinges lets air through to the cockpit when desired, otherwise this dodger cuts down on wind and spray dramatically and allows much more headroom standing at the galley and at the base of the companionway steps. Sliding hatch passes directly through the bottom frame but the gap is minimal so everything stays dry. Best upgrade I have done to the boat - and I have done many...
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