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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26X 2003 ris 2017-05-05
Dodger/Bimini Enclosure
Dodger and Bimini
Side and rear panel installed
Cool day on Mobile Bay
Full enclosure built by local shop. You cannot use this while sailing as both the dodger and bimini are too tall. Dodger is about 32 inches tall and bimini gives you 6 foot 5 inches from cockpit floor. We usually leave the connector piece zipped to the dodger and lay both down during the day unless it is cold or raining. The 3 enclosure side pieces we fold and lay down on the cockpit hatch before laying the dodger down. You have to undo half the snaps on the rear portion of the dodger to lay it down. It takes less than 5 minutes for us to take side pieces off and lay dodger down each morning. If you look close the pic of us on Mobile Bay you will see a wood mast that supports a spot light, anchor light and loud hailer. Also notice the stainless railings installed to make going forward safer.
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