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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Water Systems MacGregor 26X 2003 ris 2017-05-08
Boat water system
Water system manifold
This is a pic of our water system manifold. Starting on the right bottom is the clear hose from our 30 gallon plastimo water bag.The water from the bag enters the manifold on the top right. It goes straight across the top (does not enter the first drop down pvc) through the red handled valve (middle valve) which is open then drops down the next pvc (2nd from right) turns into clear hose that goes to the inlet side (right) of the water pump. It then exits the pump to the kitchen sink and head sink. When you want to fill the water bag, you have a vent line from the water bag curled up on the right edge of photo that you put in the sink. The hose curled up in my left hand on the left side of the pic is 20 ft long and will reach outside the boat to a 5 gal water tank that you fill with a dock hose. You next turn the middle valve off and the 1st and 3rd valves on. When you flip the pump on, water will be sucked up the 20 ft hose to the left end of the manifold, through the now opened 1st valve, down the pvc between the 1st opened valve and the now closed second valve through the water pump out to the line to the 2 sinks and in the fiber reinforced line going to the right, to the last down pvc pipe (there is a small square of paper behind the pipe) where the 3rd valve is open, up to the top of the manifold then to the right to the end of the pvc manifold and out the clear line to the water bag. When the bag is full the water will come out of the vent line which is put in the sink. You then shut of the pump, Flip the 1st and 3rd valves off and the middle valve on and you are ready to use the water out of the water bag. The suction and vent hoses have stoppers in them to seal them when not in use.
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