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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Interior MacGregor 26X 1996 silverfox441 2017-05-11
Support tube relocation
I was informed that the support tube attached to the galley and the "roof" was just not merely a "hand rail" as i thought but a support for the deck to help reduce the strain from the mast and shrouds. Though i was going to re-install it, i'm glad someone pointed that very important detail to me. It's not to far from it's original location so i wouldn't imagine it's a problem.Thank you Don T and WHRoeder.
For those who wonder why the "salad rinser" instead of a run of the mill faucet, it's because i wanted to be able to reach the burner so i can fill larger pots and what not. Sometimes those pots just won't fit under a faucet. Hence, it had to be usable with the top counter in closed or opened position. i removed the screen in it so the water flow is more "normal". It works great and the admiral loves it to! She said " that's why i married you, you always have this "thinking outside the box" thing going on! Hmmm, I thought it was for my looks...
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