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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Miscellaneous MacGregor 19 1993 Bill at BOATS 4 SAIL 2017-12-28
MacGregor 19 Rudders
I did not like the way my Mac 19 steered. A buddy dropped off his Mac 26C, that I had sold him, for winter storage. I noticed the bottom of his rudder post was identical to the bottoms of my Mac 19's rudder posts. The top of the 26C post was open, so I drilled a 3/8" hole into the bracket on top of each of my Mac 19 rudder posts. Now I can drop a line down my rudder posts to use as rudder hold down lines, something the Mac 19 did not have.
Part of the steering problem on my 19 was the rudders lack of depth. So I am making a completely different rudder shape, more like on my Mac 26X. with a hole in the forward edge to attach the hold down line to. I'll tighten the pivot bolt so that they will stay down but kick up if they hit something.
Or, if they don't stay down, I'll wrap the hold-down line around a cleat in a circular way, as I've done on my other Macs (not a figure-8), so that if they do hit something the line will slip and the rudder(s) will come up.
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