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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Interior MacGregor 26M 2010 TheSailingRode 2018-01-13
Temporary inside stand-up shower
We cruise year round and even in Florida it gets chilly taking a shower in the cockpit on a cool day. We worked out a great system on our last trip to setup a temporary shower inside the boat. The video shows two versions. The first one would have worked great but the pop up shower enclosure was about 6 inches too tall which made it difficult to keep its shape. The second version with the shower curtains worked much better. The sprayer is two gallons, plenty for us both to take showers, water temp in the sprayer was perfect by mixing one gallon of boiling water with one gallon of room temp water. My wife is very happy with this solution and now looks forward to anchoring out on winter trips. I put the link for the dog bath and other products we used in the video description.

YouTube video:

Steve Payment
2010 :macm: 26M
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