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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26M 2004 Neo 2018-09-04
Helm Box Refurb
My Helm box was in a sorro state and needed a lot of mods to make it accomodate the dual cable rack-n-pinion and the new SeaStar CH1700 engine controls (I'd purchased on an impulse buy without considering how hard it would be to fit). A shipwright told be the box was beyond modification and wanted to build me new one for big dollars lol!
Anyway after many many (and I mean Many!!) hours of design and fabrication time I think I nailed it lol! ....
2 Pac White ... inside and Out .... The ledge/peek is to deflect any water (that passes under the bezel) around and away from that big hole!
My tricky "Frankenstein Bracket" ... Looks like crap but boy does it work well ... It's plain steel but painted in a marine resilient "Clear Coat" which is made by an Anti-Rust company over here in Australia.... time will tell but the anti-corrosion properties do look promising.
The Bezel/Cover started life as an thick ABS Plastic flower pot lol!! .. Cutting that angle was a job and a half but the Frankenstein Bracket allowed me to easily construct a Steering Lock with a half moon metal plate stainless steel pipe clamp.
It's crowded in there ... but so much easier to see painted white!
The finished job .... well almost :D
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