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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Cockpit MacGregor 26X 2002 phiggy 2018-09-18
Install 12 gallon Gas tank for extended range
12 gallon gas tank in fuel locker.
Wanted to get a bit more range so installed a 12 gallon gas tank in addition to the 9 gal I had already. With help from forum members found this one at

It just required 1/2 inch cut off each side of fuel locker (Used a dremel cutting wheel. Easy Peasy) . The tank fits in nicely with the filler cap on the outside edge so no need
for a access port cut in seat. The cap still has to come off before you put the tank in but can be removed and replaced easily once inside. The fuel line connector is on the other
side of the tank but there is plenty room to put your arm in and connect the fuel line.
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