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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Miscellaneous MacGregor 26X 2003 ris 2019-01-25
Putting a skeg at the rear of the Mac 26X
Skeg in Place
Skeg support
We put a 42 inch long X 6 inch deep skeg (short keel) on the aft bottom 43 inches of the boat. First we sanded a 11 inch wide area on the aft center area of the boat down to bare fiberglass. Next we put West Systems Epoxy (from now on just Epoxy) on two 1/2 inch pieces of plywood,cut to shape then epoxied them together. This makes the skeg close to one inch wide. We then used a router and a 1/4 round over bit to round over the front, bottom and back of the skeg. Fiberglass mat is easier to work over rounded corners than 90 degree corners. Next we made a thickened epoxy, similar to the thickness of peanut butter. We then applied it to the top of the skeg and used slit 2 x 4's to hold it in place until dried, then we put the thickened epoxy against the hull and skeg joint to make it less than 90 degrees so the fiberglass mat would round the joint easier. The next step was to epoxy one layer of chop strand fiberglass mat and then one layer off woven fiberglass mat on the skeg. Using a 8 inch by 45 inch piece of chop strand we put 4 inches across the bottom of the boat then down the skeg 4 inches. We did this on both sides of the skeg with chop strand and then woven fiberglass. This left the bottom of the skeg and 2 inches up from the bottom without fiberglass. We then used a piece of chop and woven fiberglass 11 inches wide and 45 inches long to go up from the bottom toward the hull 5 inches on each side which overlapped the pieces coming down from the hull by about 3 inches. We then rolled another layer of epoxy over the whole area. After drying we sanded cleaned and then painted 5 layers of bottom paint and 2 layers of anti fowling pant over the whole area. This mod will make motoring the Mac in a straight line and loading the Mac on the trailer so easy it is amazing.
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