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Rigging MacGregor 26X 2005 Tahoe Jack 2005-05-10
Mast Raising Kit Mod 26X, tweaked
Problem: The optional mast raising kit is awkward and far less suitable than that on the Mac 26M.

Solution: Erik Hardtle designed a modification of the 26X kit ala the 26M. Terrific mod. Our mod is simply a refinement tweak. We found a superior winch, designed a reversible winch handle, chose two equally functional but less expensive cable-hooks, and added a Sunbrella cover protecting the winch when retracted against the mast. We started with a standard 26X mast raising kit.

Details: The Harbor Freight Item P-41694 winch features two-gear ring, a triple position latch, and full paint. A piece of 5/8" oak was cut to conform with the gin pole and edges routed for finish. This adapter allows a strong and secure attachment for the winch. Since the system is used only when rigging, stainless hardware is less justified. We chose two common hardware store cable-hooks. We used the same small block, and mast bail (WM 129627) as did Erik. The original line was retained, but shortened grossly. The winch handle shaft was drilled out and replaced with a SS bolt, drilled for a quick-release latch pin. This allows reversing the winch handle when stored or retracted against the mast. The winch and hooks, combined, were about half the price of the WM alternates. The winch cost is about $20, the hooks about $3 each, and the same for the bolt and pin. The oak was a scrap. The optional Sunbrella boot was mocked up with paper, then sewn. 1"Velcro used. Material costs: $70-80US. (we already had the optional 26X mast kit.) BTW, that is Mt. Rose in the Sierra Nevada's and Tahoe is on the backside about eight airline miles away.
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