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Category Model Model Year Author Date Posted
Rigging MacGregor 25 2007 ALX357 2007-10-24
setting the mast base into the step
When moving the lowered mast from the bow pulpit to the step - use the boom vang tackle to pull the mast that last two inches into place to pin it at the step.
I leave the baby stays in place, with the correct tightness, so when moving the mast base into position to pin it at the mast step, it was easy to get the base to set into the center of the step, but pushing it the rest of the way to line up the holes to pin it was really difficult.
So now I just use the boom vang tackle, attach the blocks end to one of the aft cabin top stanchion base gussets (those bent rods that reinforce the stanchions at their base) and the cam-cleated blocks end to the boom vang bail near the base of the mast. Then I use the multi-advantage of the tackle to ease the mast the rest of the way where it stays until it is pinned (or bolted if you do).
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