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Welcome to the newly redesigned MacGregor Sailors website. We created these pages to share information and ideas with other MacGregor sailboat owners and enthusiasts. Please feel free to browse our site and share your thoughts and knowledge. Hopefully you'll learn something too!

Some History

In the spring of 1997, our family purchased a MacGregor 26X sailboat. Shortly after, I launched the website by putting up pictures and descriptions of modifications that I had made to our Mac. Soon other people were emailing me with things that they had done and that they wanted to share. I started getting emails from people wanting to buy or sell a MacGregor and the Classified Ads section was born. In order to facilitate communication between MacGregor owners around the world, I added a message board and soon a whole community of MacGregor/Venture sailors had developed.

The New Website

What started as a website to talk about our MacGregor 26X had grown into a place for owners and enthusiasts of all MacGregor trailerable sailboats to meet, to have discussions and to share ideas. We had outgrown the old name and it was time for a change. I picked to indicate that everybody is welcome to visit this website and to become part of the community.

Along with moving to the new website, it was well past time for some other changes. The old website had grown and expanded to the point where it was becoming very difficult and time-consuming to maintain with the result that some pages were outdated. The new system I have implemented will let me focus more time on adding content and features instead of fixing and maintaining old pages. I hope you enjoy the results!

If you're new to the website, a good place to start is the Forum. Frequent visitors to the old website will notice that the discussion board uses an entirely different system which may take a little time to learn and to become familiarized with. With the new board, I have also decided to split it up into different "Forums" focusing on certain general topics. This was the most difficult decision about the new board as there had been a lot of debate on the topic when I asked the old discussion board visitors for their opinions on the matter. In the end, I decided that the old system of just one forum was just a little too cluttered which made it difficult sometimes to find the topics of interest.

Now that you've made it this far, time to stop listening to me babble and start checking out what the new MacGregor Sailors website has to offer! A good way to start is by catching up on current discussion topics at the Forum. Next, head over to the Exploring Pages to read about people's adventures on their Mac's. If you're looking for ways to improve your Mac - whether it's adding some new electronics, a lazyjack system, better storage options, or ways to spruce up the interior - be sure to check out the new Modifications Pages. They're full of great ideas!

Finally, check out the Catalog for items to help improve your sailing experience - including the popular SpeedyRigger Video Series, the Boomkicker, and the ingenious Aussie Bob's MacGregor Mods.

Thanks for visiting the new website!

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